Cardiac Surgery Program

SMH Cardiac Team
Sarasota Memorial’s Cardiothoracic Surgery program, led by Dr. Jeffrey Sell, features world-class facilities, one of the most advanced surgical teams in Florida and the region’s largest Robotic Surgery program. Our surgeons routinely perform some of the most complex procedures, consistently delivering results that exceed national benchmarks.

Our cardiac surgical team—with decades of experience evaluating and treating irregular heartbeat, heart attack, heart failure, heart surgery, valve disorders and other cardiovascular and thoracic disorders—continuously strives to achieve the best possible outcome for each of our patients.

Program Highlights

Collaboration across clinical cardiology, interventional cardiology and cardiac surgery is the cornerstone of our cardiac program and the key to our high success and low complication rates. Through multi-disciplinary cardiac conferences, our specialists work as a team to evaluate complex cases and match a patient with the right procedure, focusing on the least invasive and best treatment options available. Program highlights include:

  • Rapid assessment and treatment of chest pain and heart attack.
  • Complete cardiac catheterization capabilities, including emergency angioplasty and induced hypothermia.
  • Interventional and neurointerventional radiologists with carotid angiography and carotid stenting for people too frail to undergo surgery.
  • Electrophysiology labs with advanced mapping and ablation therapies to treat irregular heartbeats and cure deadly arrhythmias without surgery.
  • Technologically advanced, intelligent operating rooms, called “iSuites,” that include a Hybrid OR, robotic surgery suites and interventional / neurointerventional radiology suites. Compared to traditional cardiac procedures, this ultra-precise technology results in less surgery-related pain, a significantly lower risk of surgical infection and a faster recovery time.
  • A Valve Clinic and Structural Heart Program that offers a multidisciplinary team of cardiovascular specialists to evaluate, support and manage the care of patients with complex valve disorders and structural heart disease.
  • A Clinical Research Center with 30 or more different studies covering a cross-section of disciplines under way at any point in time.
  • A full spectrum of preventive, early detection and follow-up care, including a network of Anticoagulation Clinics, Heart Failure Treatment Center, Secondary Stroke and TIA Prevention Clinic, and Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation.
  • American Heart Association-accredited Cardiovascular Center of Excellence.